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“Plain and simple… I hate advertising! What small business doesn’t? Good Advertising has taken a huge burden off of me when it comes to advertising. I wear so many hats in my business and this is one thing I don’t have to worry about.

We have been working with Becky for quite some time now, probably 15 years or more. She is so easy to work with. We meet just a few times each year. We come up with a budget and she knows where to place our advertising dollars… and we’re done!

I no longer have to be called away form my desk every time someone walks through the door to try to sell me radio, TV or whatever. Our staff just tells them to contact Good Advertising.

In the past, I found it hard to say, “no” to the various sales people, because I usually knew them personally. As a result, we probably wasted a lot of money. Now, Becky does the negotiating for me to get the best and most advertising to suit our limited budget. She knows our business and our business advertising needs. She doesn’t feel the need to call me every time something comes up, only if there is an amazingly spectacular, too-good-to-pass-up deal.

To sum it up, partnering with Good Advertising and their small business marketing services has been one of the wisest and smartest business decisions we’ve made.”

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